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About GoTravelLife


One of the GREAT things about living on this planet is that you have all sorts of people who like all sorts of different things. Very rarely does anyone want the EXACT same thing as someone else does. Some people are home-bodies, some love to travel, some like to cook, some can’t boil water (nor do they want to!). We feel very privileged to have the ability to explore our travel bug, and feel that if we share our experiences with you, it just MIGHT help you have a little more joy in your life for those of you who desire to travel.

My name is Lea, and I travel primarily with my husband, Doug. He is a 50 something, I am a 40 something 🙂 We have been married over 15 years, have three wonderful children and three beautiful grand children.

We know there are a million travel blogs out there; all sorts of styles and bloggers aligned to Millennials who like to back pack the Alps to blogs that focus on uber-cheap getaways to stretch a dollar as far as it will go. Our blog is focused on what we will call “mid-class” travel; nicer hotels, foodie type restaurants, cruises with a bit “more” than average; and we will highlight the pros/cons as we see them. We also have a beautiful RV, a Winnebago View; and if you haven’t seen one, it is all European “classy”.  We aren’t all five star hotels and first class plane tickets, but we do like to splurge occasionally and will share those experiences with you as well! We also know that once you pass 50, you MIGHT experience difficulty with getting around (how many stairs did they say? No elevator in the hotel, whaaaat?), so we will try to comment on infrastructure when we can to ensure you can plan accordingly.

Lastly, we are doing this because we have a passion for travel and like to give honest reviews of what we see. I have been a Senior Contributor on TripAdvisor for years, on the Yelp Elite squad for 4 years and counting, and a huge fan of social media networking and marketing. Combining this background with our daily travels will hopefully help you get a good idea of what to expect should you choose to replicate our experiences. Enjoy!!

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