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With one week of summer “officially” left before our daughter goes back to school, we voted on a “quiet” weekend where we could all get caught up on reading, summer homework tasks, a bit of blogging clean up 🙂 and try to do a digital detox before life gets crazy again.  We did a bit of research and found a Harvest Host that was just a couple hours from home and looked so wonderfully peaceful!!  We have been members of Harvest Hosts for about a year and have never tried it (crazy I know)…  anyway, the premise of Harvest Hosts is that you are able to stay (sometimes free) at a winery, farm, etc., in return for a few purchases from their shops.  In this case, Walnut Hollow actually has water/electric and some sewer/dump station spots, so there is a charge, but it’s not much ($32/nite).   Harvest Hosts members get 1/2 off one night as well.   In this case, you get to visit the Beef shop and buy some nice steaks 🙂  They also accept non- Harvest Hosts members for a higher fee- check their website for up to date info, I’ve linked it above.  If you’d like 15% off your membership, you can use our referral link Here   You get 15% off and we get $15 for our work.  Thanks!

We could not have selected a more perfect spot for us at Walnut Hollow Ranch !

Walnut Hollow Farm Sign

afternoon walkOur stay was exactly what we were looking for- it’s EXCEPTIONALLY quiet and just gorgeous scenery everywhere.

Things to do:

Swing in a Hammock:  Our daughter brought her Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO SingleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for One, Powder Blue/Royal (don’t forget the straps you need for this- was almost a Christmas tragedy until someone reminded me- Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Atlas Straps XL, Hammock Suspension System )


There is something special about a “restful” weekend and watching your daughter and her dog RELAX.   She spent hours reading a book and just being with nature.  #love.

Go for a walk:

Really great walking here and beautiful paved paths.

Visit the animals :):

While they don’t want you petting or feeding them, they certainly are entertaining anyway!   Just be cautious of all the electric fences and barbed wire.

Go fishing:

Yes, there are fish in here and yes, you can try to catch them!   We could see them, but were unsuccessful in actually landing one.

Enjoy the campfire (firebowl provided):

There is firewood available for purchase from the store.

Birdwatching:   now i TRIED to get pics of the gorgeous yellow finches and the hummingbird that visited a time or two, but no go.   If you’re a bird watcher, you will LOVE this spot as flowers are strategically planted to draw them in.  Check it out.

Search for spider web art:

Unbelievable how gorgeous these are; and i couldn’t figure out how to get great pics of them.

morning webs

Visit the farm store:

We bought some AMAZING New York Strip steaks and that was dinner… YUM.  I also brought home a frozen London broil for my Barbacoa this week, we are looking forward to it.   This is a fantastic tasting product- they have alot to be proud of here.  Walnut Hollow Ranch offers Agri-tourism through farm tours, farm store, RV sites, camping and lodging. Walnut Hollow Ranch sells Premium Black Angus Beef, produced without hormones or anti-biotics with the highest welfare standards. The farm store offers many other local farmers food products and crafts. Recently, Walnut Hollow Ranch was bestowed the 2014 Regional WNC Conservation Farm Family of the Year award.  Well done,   Well done!

Relax and enjoy the views from the campsite:

We so needed this!!!

Let your dog play in the grass 🙂   and boy did she love RUNNING to us from the top of the hill.

happy dog

I’ll link the hosts “things to do” here:  Things to do around Walnut Hollow Ranch   We just weren’t in search of anything else to do but RELAX, but I’ll include it here for those of you who wish to stay longer or have a bit more activity during your stay.

Technology and Tools:

  1.  Cellular Booster:  We did find the cell signal was absent (or near absent) on AT&T and while this weekend was meant to relax, it’s a bit difficult to catch up on blogging without a signal 🙂   My hubby did a video so you can see we go from No service/1 bar to 3 bars with the Weboost.  Always order the latest model, as our model may no longer be available. weBoost Drive 4G-X RV 470410 Cell Phone Signal Booster, Cell Signal Booster for Your RV or Motorhome – Mobile Home, Boosts 4G LTE Cell Signals – Enhance Your Cell Phone Signal up to 32x
  2. Apple HDMI adapter to stream video:  Once we had our ATT signal “boosted” with the Weboost, we were able to watch streaming video on both Amazon and DirectTV now.  We connected our iPhone directly to the TV with this adapter.  It worked perfectly for viewing the shows on our 32″ TV.   We were able to watch a funny movie (via Amazon Prime) late Saturday nite after enjoying the firepit.

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter for Select iPhone, iPad and iPod Models (MD826AM/A)

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  1. Thank you for the great blog… hope to see you again!

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