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We only had a few days this year for a Spring Break trip, so we decided to stay a bit closer to home and selected Savannah, GA.   Depending on the infamous Atlanta traffic mess, it should be 4-5 hour drive straight thru, so not too awful!   We’ve seen a few positive (and negative) reviews of the brand new CreekFire RV Resort in Savannah, and we signed up for a few nights to try it out.   Due to their lack of availability on Saturday night (popular spot I guess!), we had to make a stop elsewhere for first night and found an opening at the Savannah KOA South.   Now, I know there are MANY opinions on KOA camps, and it’s a bit of a chance if you’ve never been to a specific site, but due to the holiday weekend plus all the spring breakers heading south, it was one of the only options we could find.   This ended up being a VERY nice little spot on the water, so we really enjoyed our night here.

Please note that we have links in our blog posts.  Most are just direct links to the hotels, sites or restaurants that we visited.  We do not receive any compensation for these, we inserted them here for your convenience!   For the Amazon product links, we get a small (and I mean a very small) bit of commission when you use our links, and we greatly appreciate you doing so.  It comes nowhere near to offsetting our expense for hosting and such, so we deeply appreciate the click.   We ONLY recommend products we personally use.  Thank you.

Savannah KOA South, Savannah, GA

First of all, the view from site 13 was REALLY nice!   It backs right up to the water:

Definitely not what I was expecting!   This campground has a variety of options, including cabins, lodges, tents and looks like there are longer term spots in the back of the campground (So I imagine super quiet back there).

Here’s a few pics from the main building/pool area (and yes, that kiddie pool needs to be cleaned up a bit, I know).  It wasn’t all that warm when we arrived, so not a soul enjoying the area.  Good size laundry and decent pricing as well as a little general store with a fairly broad selection of camping items and food.

koa wash dry price

Our site (13) was pretty tight with a couple other campers (and they were FULL this weekend and turning folks away), but you can’t beat the view and check out the Swans!

There are cabin and tent areas, and I’ve included a picture of the main drive, the sites were gravel, but ours was perfectly level.  There were quite a few campfires this Saturday night and kids running all over the place 🙂

The morning view was just as amazing as the steam rolled off the water:

The cost of this campground was approximately $40/nite with our KOA membership.  We had full water/electric/sewer/analog cable hookups.  We had to use the water pressure reducer here (note).  Trash was picked up promptly in the morning.

CreekFire Motor Ranch, Savannah, GA

Our vacation destination was Creekfire Motor Ranch , which is a very new RV resort in the Savannah area.  We were given information and a discount offer (20%) at an RV show we attended a few months ago, so we decided to try it out for spring break week.  They give a discount for Good Sam as well.  Price list is here (current as of 4/1/2018):

Creekfire site pricing

Initial impression is gorgeous;  the front entrance to the main registration “house” is lovely, white fenced pasture-land.  Very stunning entrance with a big country porch with rocking chairs and a comfy area with chairs and an outdoor fireplace.  Yep, we enjoyed those chairs for awhile!

We arrived around 1:30p- we called as we had noted that a few people complained in reviews that they were charged an “early arrival fee”.  Our site 95 had already been vacated, so we were told it was ok to head on over.   Upon arrival, there is a two page contract you are asked to sign which they told us it is due to the ongoing construction, but it outlines alot of liability limitations if you use the pool, boats, fish, etc.  We’ve not been asked to sign one of these before, so just a heads up, that was new here!

They do NOT help guide you to your site, but will give you a map of the two camping areas (those near the pool/clubhouse and those by the lake).  There are NO directional signs at all to your site (Attention CreekFire folks, this would be helpful!), so we did drive around a bit!  Once we found the road back to the “Lake”, we were all set; again, NOT marked at all:

Creekfire forest drive

Our Site, #95:

This is a site specific resort, so we chose a lakefront site, #95.  It’s second from the “end” of the front row along the lake.   Very nice view from the front of the camper!!

Site 94 is the VERY end, and would be optimal as you’d have a non-obstructed view of the lake.   The site was empty for part of our stay, so we did have a few days with a gorgeous view all-around view.

Morning view:

They have an in-ground fire pit with grate which made for perfect evenings fires.   Bags of firewood are $8 each and were pretty large pieces, so make sure you have some starter materials.  Creekfire Site 95 fire view

CreekFire Common Areas:

There is PLENTY to do for most folks at this campground.   You can rent boats, fishing gear, etc.  Here is the current price list (as of 4/1/18):


Creekfire toy rental pricing

Alot of people were taking advantage of the “toys” here and many brought their own kayaks and other gear.   There were at least 20-30 people fishing each evening, a little less in the morning 🙂

Creekfire morning fishing


The main pool area is very nice with great comfy lounge chairs, several areas for picnics and a nice side kiddie pool.   Take a peek:

There is a great playground area near here as well, and tennis courts!

REC ROOM:  There is also a very nice open “recreation room” that has a small size pool table, foosball, ping pong and quite a few dining tables for groups.  There are also two TV’s in this room connected to DirectTV (primarily playing sports based on what we saw). This spot was pretty busy the entire time we were here.

Creekfire pool house rec room


Nice facilities, all within the building by the pool/rec room.


There are ~6 shower rooms up by the pool/main building.  In our “Lake” area of the campground, there was one building that had two separate bathroom/shower rooms.  All were super clean and everything was functional.



Creekfire fire pit


We originally thought these were just little pier areas for fishing, but they are actually tent sites with their own firepits, etc.  Someone had a setup 2nd day, so took a photo to share!   PS- watch for gators!


There were several cute cabins by our site.  I believe they are intending on expanding this area, but I thought I’d share a couple shots of these as well.  Some had nice multi-level decks in the back and they all had great front porches.

Savannah Trip:

Savannah is about 20 minutes away and the resort has a daily shuttle that leaves at 9a and picks up at 4p.   It does not run continuously.  You also need to schedule it in advance.  We were quoted $15/person round trip when we arrived, but I’ve seen different prices in reviews.   Since we arrived at 1:30p on a Sunday, we completely missed the boat here, so decided to take Lyft into town.  It was $50 round trip (we are too chicken to tow a car right now).

Savannah is a great historical town and here is plenty to do!!   We’ve visited before and enjoyed the trolley, carriage rides and visiting some of the many “town squares”  As it was Easter Sunday, we decided to spend the afternoon on the River front people- watching and shopping until dinner.   This is not an easy area to navigate by foot, so wear your comfy walking shoes and be sure to take care when on the super steep steps.

The River front is filled with shops, bars and restaurants; and a ton of fun people watching, one of our favorite past times 🙂   We saw the Savannah Queen, had a few beers at Barracuda Bob’s and then dinner at Dockside.   My hubby dove into the shrimp and crab legs that we were sharing before I could get a good picture- maybe I should feed him earlier next time.

CreekFire Notes:


All in all, this is a great family camping park.   As it was spring break, there were kids EVERYWHERE, so if that’s not your idea of fun, then you may want to look elsewhere (or obviously come while they are in school).  The days were filled with kids in the pool and rec areas, riding bikes and (not so great) kids driving around pretty recklessly in golf carts.   I’ve purposely blurred this picture for safety reasons,  but kids 9 or 10 years old were driving pretty preciously around the entire grounds with other kids in the cart with them.   So be careful, we had a couple close calls while on our bicycles.  If I were 10 again, I’d have a ball driving around all day and night in a golf cart too!

Creekfire kids golf cart

Bring your bicycles (or rent them), the park is large and if you’re in the back lake area, it is nice to be able to ride your bikes up to the clubhouse.  There are no paths around here that we could find, but was nice to be able to get around the park pretty quickly vs. walking.

While the front desk staff were NICE, they weren’t too forthcoming with details after you were checked in.  As an example, we noticed this little beer truck “wide open” (no signage or anything), and had to ask around to find out that you can pay $15 for “all you want” beer or wine for the afternoon by the pool (I think Noon to 5p).  There’s no info on this that we could find, just had to know to ask.   Now, I don’t think I want “all you want” boxed white wine that wasn’t refrigerated, but hey, the beer was cold and on tap, so go for it.  Now you know to ask 🙂   The Airstream appears to be a food truck, but I believe is only open for special weekend events.   They did tell us they will have an onsite restaurant and bar by Memorial Day, which will be a nice addition.

Creekfire food truck

When the resort is busy, there are not enough pool chairs.    The pool deck is huge, there is room to easily double the chair count.  This week, MANY people came over by 10 or 11a and put towels and belongings on chairs to hold them.   I happened to be the only one at the pool for a good hour an a half from 10a-11:30a before others arrived to finally claim their spots, but many chairs went 2-3 hours with no one in them (and no one else could use them either).  Also, many families saved seats for young children who spent all of five minutes in the chairs (rest of time in the pool)- so seems some common decency should prevail here when there’s nowhere for adults to sit.   Anyway, manners people!

They do appear to have many planned activities on Friday & Saturday nights, plus events on Sunday morning, but not much else during the week- if you can check their calendar on the website and arrange it, be here over those times for fun events.

There’s really no shade (yet), but there will be someday when the foliage grows.

Creekside Lake Area sites

Lake Site area

The staff were super efficient with cleaning the bath houses, firewood drop off, keeping pool towels stocked and trash pickup.  Kudos!

Tech and Tools:

  • My little solar charger is great for the pool area.  We are “practicing” for when we’re boon docking and I won’t have access to recharge a non-solar regularly via electricity; so this was my test drive.   The unit got me from 40% to 100% in just a little over an hour.   It’s got 3 USB ports so I can also do multiple devices.  Perfect for keeping me topped off due to all the videos and pics!

Solar Charger 24000mAh Portable Charger,PLOCHY Solar Power Bank Phone charger with 3 Fast Charging USB Port and Dual Input(Lightning & Micro) External Battery Pack for All Smartphone Tablet
Solar Charger

  • I know people are paying LOTS of money for all sorts of things to level their unit, but I’m pretty happy with just this little tool today 🙂   Sits on my counter and takes me just a few minutes to get the RV set perfectly

Camco T Level- Assists You in Leveling Your RV (25543)

  • P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor:  We use this to ensure we know the Amp hours that each one of our devices use.  We know that we can do this manually (Watts = Amps x Volts), but this tool makes it super simple.  We plan on boon-docking soon, and are wanting to ensure we know what uses what!Tech Amp meter
  • This Bike Rack works perfectly for us on the back of our RV (24G View).  As this resort is 100 acres, a bike is helpful to get to the clubhouse and back to your site.  We like the base as it keeps the wheels stable while driving the RV.  The bikes also fit perfectly parked ‘underneath’ the slide out when we’re at our campsite.

Yakima HoldUp 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with Lock Cable (2-Inch Receiver)

RV Bike Rack

  • The ONLY want I can keep my hubby from burning everything on the grill…  I have one at home and one in the RV and it works perfectly.  It’s small and never fails me.

Weber 6492 Original Instant-Read Thermometer

  • We fight over who gets to use the two power plugs by the L shaped dinette.   We get along better now that we’re using this for multi-USB.

Anker Elite Dual Port 24W USB Travel Wall Charger PowerPort 2 with PowerIQ and Foldable Plug, for iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini 3 / mini 4, Samsung S4/ S5, and More

  • It seems every time we go out in our RV, we do one or two more adjustments or additions for livability or organization.   This time, we found this cool wire rack that is expandable and fits perfectly in one of the cabinets over our L-shaped dinette.  We had been piling our shoes in the bottom of the closet (annoying to try to find them with all the hanging items), or they would get kicked off by the steps, which just looks messy and drives me crazy.  This is nice because it’s expandable so can be adjusted larger/smaller as you see fit based on other storage needs.
  • View shoe rack idea

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  1. Marci says:

    Thanks for the thorough review of Creekfire. I’ve heard of it, but we haven’t been there. I hope they read your review and take note of your suggestions, especially the golf cart thing. Most RV parks require that only legally licensed drivers operate golf carts, and there’s a good reason for that.

  2. Micki Welsh says:

    Thanks for all the great information and pictures! Savanah is 7 hours from home and would be a perfect first stop on our road trip north this summer.

  3. Gloria says:

    Thank you! We are scheduled to check into site 94 tomorrow! Great review!

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