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Our daughter had a few days off school, thus giving us a four day weekend, so it was perfect timing to take one of our “long weekend” RV trips.   We selected Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort due to positive feedback on several RV Facebook pages we follow AND the number of restaurants, shops, etc., that are within walking distance.  It’s also only about six hours drive for us, so perfect distance when you’re only staying a few days AND when you have a teenager in the car!

First, it’s VERY important to note that you need to arrive well before dusk, so check the sunset time and be sure you get there a bit earlier.  The sites are “mostly” privately owned and on a rental program, so they will not park you if it’s dark.  The area is filled with very heavy/dark trees (think Spanish Moss), so it’s impossible to see all that well.  We arrived just in the nick of time and called the host (as the welcome center was already closed), and luckily, we could still see to get into our spot.  It was about 6:30p, and it’s March, so not as much daylight this time of year.

Please note that we have links in our blog posts.  Most are just direct links to the hotels, sites or restaurants that we visited.  We do not receive any compensation for these, we inserted them here for your convenience!   For the Amazon product links, we get a small (and I mean a very small) bit of commission when you use our links, and we greatly appreciate you doing so.  It comes nowhere near to offsetting our expense for hosting and such, so we deeply appreciate the click.   We ONLY recommend products we personally use.  Thank you.

Don’t own an RV?  Try VRBO 🙂

Visit the East Coast’s Outdoor Haven. Hilton Head Island, SC Vacation Rentals.

Entrance to the park is gorgeous and gated, you receive a gate pass during your stay- very nice!

Our Site:

Our site selected was 377.  This is a site specific resort, and the online maps are quite accurate.  This is labeled as a “lake view” lot, which it is as there are several vacant “lake front” lots this weekend, so we have a glimpse of the lake.  Not a huge deal, these sites are gorgeous!   Very lush and private, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this is your place.

Site 377 View 2

View into lot 378 (next door)

View of our lot, #377 and above, the lot next door (#378).  The owner on 378 arrived a day or so after we did, and he actually offers a special “1 free night with a 5 night stay” if you call him directly.   Email me via “contact” and I will send you the info by request.  It’s VERY well maintained and private.

If you do choose a lake front lot, this is a picture of one that was empty this weekend;  along with the “Do not feed the Alligators” sign… do people really try to feed the alligators?

The Grounds/Common Areas:

This really is a gorgeous resort; there were maintenance people all over the property on Friday morning, trimming bushes, cleaning the pool, etc.  I know there are many coaches here by owners, so it’s quite lovely.  Every lot has it’s own unique twist it seems, and many owners were in the midst of projects.

The community center has a fairly large comfy seating area, big screen RV, coffee area and dining table/chairs for gathering.   The wifi signal was excellent in this building, so I did spend some time here working.

I’ve also included pictures of the laundry room; everything was impeccably clean and there was plenty of counter space for folding, etc.  There is one large capacity washer as well for comforters and large blankets.

Pricing is $2.50 for wash time and $2.00 for dryer.

There is a fitness room, and was quite packed at 7:30a, so darn, didn’t do the treadmill today!

The upper floor of the community center is a very large meeting room and was in use for a rally while we were there.

There are men’s / women’s bathroom and shower facilities in this main building as well.   It was VERY early in the morning when I took this video and there wasn’t a soul around, but I do think it’s helpful to see how spotlessly clean this place is, as well as give you an idea of safety.  This is not your typical camping “bathhouse”. No, I’m not a creeper. 🙂

The exterior pool and tennis courts are also very clean and very well maintained and if it weren’t so chilly this weekend, we’d be there, but 61 degrees is a bit low for pool time. My teenager did enjoy this pool, because she’s nuts, and because she likes to do a few laps before dinner.  She said she had an audience and they asked her if she was from Iceland 🙂 It is a heated pool, so at least there’s that!

The dog park is very nice!  Small, but was clean and in a good spot near the Welcome center.

The bulletin board in the Community Center was literally FILLED with activities and events, check it out:

Activity Board

Things to do:

A note on the area:  Hilton Head Island has very consistent building requirements, so honestly, all buildings blend into the environment, so it’s very difficult to discern what is where without a little help.  Google maps is pretty helpful as well as the maps from the Welcome Center- so do yourself a favor and pick those up if you haven’t been here before.

Bike riding:    There is an extensive network of biking/recreational trails that go right by the RV resort.  They are meticulously maintained and I’ve included a map of the trails.  We rode to Signe’s Bakery, easy 5 minute bike ride from here, for afternoon cookies.  Exercise, eat a cookie, rinse and repeat.  Check out the bike rack that we use on our RV in “Tech and Tools below”

Recreation Pathway Map (2)

There is even a Bike “fix” station at the resort- how cool!   We were able to adjust our daughter’s seat:

Bike fix station 2

Beach:  Coligny’s beach is appx a 1.5 mile bike ride and took us about 20 minutes- the bike pathway takes you straight there; there are a couple major roads to cross, but the path is obvious and is primarily “not” on the roads.   The beach is gorgeous- take a look!

Skate Park:  Now we aren’t skaters, but we stumbled upon this place right off the bike path by the RV resort and just had to share a couple photos.  It was a Friday/ school day, so no one around, but I’ll bet this place is packed on the weekends.


Captain WoodysCaptain Woody’s Hilton Head This restaurant and bar is just a short walk outside the front gates of the resort.  They have great happy hour specials (beer $2 and house wine $3 as an example!)   Dinner was good, my husband dove into the seafood trio in mornay sauce before I could take a picture, however, I was able to get a photo of the fish tacos.  They are good, but the fish was fried and served with cheddar cheese- so a bit reminiscent of a Mcdonalds fish & cheese sandwich actually.  If you like a bit more gourmet twist on your fish tacos, you won’t like these.  My daughter LOVED their buffalo wings; they were just the right crispness and heat.

Flatbread Bar & GrillFlatbread Grill & Pub near Coligny Beach    We enjoyed our patio time at Flatbread Bar & Grill.  It is a short walk from Coligney Beach and has both indoor and outdoor seating.  We weren’t starving, so we decided to split a 12″ pizza, the Sante Fe; and the nachos (with burger) appetizer.  The nachos were a bit “gloppy” as the burger and cheese all melted together on one section on top, and the serving was quite small, but it was still good.  The pizza was REALLY good, and we had a side of Marinara with it.  They were a little stingy with the chicken, but the crust was cooked perfectly.   We did have 3 domestic beers in total as well; so bill came to about $45 for lunch- definitely beach prices.  Service was very good here!

Tech and Tools:

  • P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor:  We use this to ensure we know the Amp hours that each one of our devices use.  We know that we can do this manually (Watts = Amps x Volts), but this tool makes it super simple.  We plan on boon-docking soon, and are wanting to ensure we know what uses what!
  • Tech Amp meter
  • Endoscope:  Don’t laugh, but sometimes it’s good to be able to look “within” something, like the gray tank for a blockage, or the AC vent when it seems like something isn’t working.   This connects to your smart phone, is wireless (has it’s own Wifi built into it), so your phone doesn’t have to be connected physically to it.  It has a light on the end, so you can get a pretty good view.  It also allows you to save a video so you can load it up on your PC and look at it on a large screen if that is helpful!  Cool tool. Wireless Endoscope,EOS&HELIOS 5M/16.4Ft HD WiFi Borescope Mini Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels IP68 Waterproof Semi-rigid Detector with 8 LED
  • Here is a sample video from our heater vent:
  • As there is such a NICE recreational path built thru-out Hilton Head Island, we brought the bikes and used them every single day!  This Bike Rack works perfectly for us on the back of our RV (24G View)

Yakima HoldUp 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack with Lock Cable (2-Inch Receiver)

RV Bike Rack

Hot Dog, Burger, Sandwich Serving Set for 4 Guests – 4 Red Baskets and 15 Red Check Food Basket Liners – Bundle 2 Items

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      Thank you so much! We are truly enjoying ourselves!!

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